Update on Nordhavn with Owner/president Dan Streech

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    Could you give more info on N51 ?
    Drawings/Acc. plans etc. ? Thanks

  2. Victor Larraguibel

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, and congratulations on your concern on the brand. Your boats are the best!!!
    Perhaps you should consider having an “update” operation (facility) for the boats…(refitting)…, It could be called NORFIT copying what Royal Huisman calls its refitting department.
    You do not have to do all they do to begin, but some of it.
    All the best,


    Every yacht requires refitting and refurbishment from time to time. Huisfit, Royal Huisman’s dedicated refit department, offers everything from cosmetic repairs to hull and interior modifications, as well as machinery, systems and rig overhauls, the updating of electronics, and more. Including the necessary in-house design to support these services. A Huisfit-refit carries with it the assurance of a “better than new” result.

  3. Michael Rupprecht

    What are the projections of taking delivery of a 41 in Turkey and being able to do any cruising this year?

  4. Juan Oehninger

    Dan , thank you for the video it’s very appreciated , for sure for future buyers , hopefully we can put this horror movie behind us to a end soon until then I am reading your listings how ever every time I find one that matches my criteria , it sells . The new unveiling of 51 please update soon !, its always so fun to watch all your designs taking innovation , still looking fo a Nordhavn that will take me through the Amazon River unfortunately fiberglass is not recommended in the Amazon in a 64 length or less , perhaps Victor L decides to sell his 64 since I am also n Chile. but could berth in Mercer Island ,Wa on my training period of the chosen vessel
    Animo hope to meet or visit you in a near future I n Dana Point.
    Juan Oehninger

  5. David Evans N4310 Mary Pearl

    Amen to Nordhavns holding their value. I watched prices very closely during the 2008-11 financial downturn and eventually sold a house to buy a N43. I wanted to live my dream and found that Nordhavn’s held their value better than prime real estate.

  6. Birge Sigety

    I think you made a good video to get out the information. Thanks. I plan to stay in touch and we may build another boat having had such good times with 6052. Birge Sigety (formerly Relish owner)/

  7. Mark Hackelton

    Hi Dan, would love some more Information on the n51. You mentioned producing it in Turkey, is this a new design from the ground up like the n41, or an adaptation to a previous hull?

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