Update on the Nordhavn 41

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  1. Haig Farris

    What is its cruising speed

  2. Nico Avendano

    is there an option to get a bigger engine (i.e. Beta 115)?

  3. Paul Powell

    What kind of range does it have?

  4. Martinas

    Amazing 👏

  5. Lars

    Very, very nice.

  6. Jim Hiller

    I hope this little gem will introduce a new generation of people to Nordhavn. It looks like a beautiful, seaworthy and comfortable way for a couple to comfortably travel to all the places that they dream about. I still recall seeing the Nordhavn 46 at the Annapolis Sailboat Show many years ago and thinking how there was at last an alternative to sail for cruising the world.in comfort and security.

  7. Peter van Brussel

    This boat is built to aircraft standards….

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