Tripmy second trip
Trip Start Date11/01/2018
Trip End Date11/04/2018
Nautical Miles4000
Trip Details

During our thirteen months in French Polynesia we visited 22 islands and made 100 dives. We logged 4,000 nautical miles and had eight visitors. We visited the Tuamotus twice and Bora Bora six times, a favorite of our guests. Before departing, we visited two of our favorite remote islands, Maupiti and Maupihaa. Maupihaa has only seventeen people. Our next port of call was in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Jennifer returned to the states for her father’s funeral on the one flight out per week to LAX. Mark stayed with Starlet in the swelly commercial port and was able to work in some kite boarding. Upon Jennifer’s return we cruised to the quieter, remote island of Aitutaki also in the Cook’s. On the first day Jennifer flew over the bicycle handle bars while going downhill on a gravel road and was rushed to the hospital on the back of a scooter, bill was $34. She had a short deep cut on the forehead, a grapefruit size bruise on the right hip and very sore ribs. Our next port of call was Nuie via Bevridge reef. Moorings have been set up in Nuie to preserve the amazing beautiful anchorage. Weather only allowed us to stay three days before pushing on to American Samoa. Once we were in American Samoa, Jennifer headed back to the states and arrived 24 hours before her Mother passed. Wow two parents gone within two months. Western Samoa was next up followed by The Kingdom of Tonga. Mark made great strides in his kite boarding skills in Tonga. Half way between Tonga and Minerva reef the odometer rolled over to 45,000 nautical miles.