You Can Purchase a Nordhavn in Time to Join The Nordhavn Atlantic Rally!

We know there are many of you who’ve been thinking about joining Nordhavn on the first-ever powerboat rally across the Atlantic Ocean, but without a boat, you’ve forced yourself to suppress the dream. It doesn’t have to be that way! There are several of our ocean-crossing capable Nordhavns currently on the market as well as some brand new boats that can be purchased now and delivered in time for the NAR departure next May from Fort Lauderdale.

Take it from Doug Seaver, who months ago had signed up for the Rally, sent in his full fee, hired a captain and secured crew. And until this week, Doug had no boat to participate with. But just a few days ago, he purchased a 2001 Nordhavn 50 out of Nordhavn’s Rhode Island office and in a few weeks will bring the boat south to start preparing her for the Rally.

Take a page out of Doug’s book and don’t let the need for a passage making boat stand in your way of embarking on one of the most enjoyable powerboating adventures of a lifetime! Click on any of the boats below to learn about each one’s specifications and perhaps you’ll discover your perfect vessel to see the world in. (For more details, contact the listing salesman referenced in the specifications.)

Hull Number Year Name Location
Nordhavn 40 2001 Susan J Michigan City, IN
Nordhavn 40#4 1998 Wilma Louise Florida
Nordhavn 40#44 2003 New construction Dana Point, CA
Nordhavn 47 2002 Journey Dana Point, CA
Nordhavn 50#4 1998 Ocean Bear Stuart, FL
Nordhavn 57#19 2001 Bali Stuart, FL
Nordhavn 62#14 1999 Mighty Mouse Stuart, FL

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